Mexican actress Genoveva Casanova and Danish Prince Frederik’s Controversial Photos: The Impact on the Danish Royal Family

Mexican actress Genoveva Casanova and Danish Prince Frederik’s Controversial Photos: The Impact on the Danish Royal Family

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Latest news has revealed the severe consequences that the recent photographs of Danish Prince Frederik (55) and Mexican actress Genoveva Casanova (47) have had on the future heir of the Danish Crown. The pictures, published by the magazine Lecturas, caused a media frenzy both nationwide and internationally due to the high-profile individuals involved. Luis Pliego, the director of Lecturas, discussed the success of the previous issue’s cover and delved into the aftermath of the exclusive story on the talk show ‘TardeAR’. In the upcoming issue of the magazine, Pliego promises to unveil the reasons behind the controversy, including Casanova’s wealth and lifestyle.

The publication of the images had a significant international impact, as Pliego shared, “I have spoken to many Danish journalists this week. They all commented on our previous cover.” According to Pliego, Danish journalists confirmed that Frederik and his wife Mary are already separated, de facto. Although not officially announced, it appears that their separation is a fact. Pliego also revealed the consequences of the photo publication for the future of the Danish Crown. “Margarita’s abdication was already being prepared for him to assume the throne, but this scandal has put a halt to it,” he reports.

Pliego further discussed the situation between Frederik and Mary on the television program, stating, “They are a couple that no longer exists, they are not married. They need to be made king and queen quickly because they cannot be left in that state.” This indicates that the separation between Frederik and Mary was already known within the palace, and plans were in motion to address the situation. However, with this scandal, immediate coronation as previously planned is no longer possible.

In the next issue of Lecturas, the magazine delves into the economic situation of Genoveva Casanova, specifically highlighting her lifestyle and relationships with influential figures in European society. Pliego raises intriguing questions about her finances and connections, stating, “We will reveal Genoveva Casanova’s assets in tomorrow’s Lecturas. She doesn’t have any. She has two companies, and the last time she declared her accounts was in 2016. In all these years, she has had no income or at least has not declared it. Companies are required to declare, and she has not done so. It contrasts with the luxurious life she leads—attending hunts with a registration fee of 100,000 euros. Obviously, she is invited. But who invites her?”

The Danish press has also asked, “Where does she get the money to mingle in these circles?” Casanova’s rental home, where Prince Frederik stayed, is allegedly paid for by Cayetano Martínez de Irujo. In 2016, two years after the death of Cayetana, Casanova declared assets worth 300,000 euros, which is likely the inheritance she received directly from her children when Cayetana passed away. However, beyond that, her sources of income remain questionable. Pliego hinted that Cayetano may provide her with an allowance to maintain her lifestyle.