Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway should be fired over political comments

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The federal watchdog agency, which is unrelated to special counsel Robert Mueller's office, said Conway repeatedly violated the Hatch Act by disparaging Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media.

The White House has argued that the OSC's allegations target Conway's right to free speech.

The OSC, which is not affiliated with the Justice Department's special counsel's office, investigated Conway's statements and interviews regarding the 2020 election.

"Ms. Conway's advocacy against the Democratic candidates and open endorsement of the president's reelection effort during both official media appearances and on her Twitter account constitute prohibited political activity under the Hatch Act", he wrote.

The federal watchdog agency sent a report to President Donald Trump on Thursday urging the removal of Conway from public office. Given that her supervisor is Donald Trump, however, that outcome appears unlikely in the extreme.

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"I was just standing in an office in the WH press office when Kellyanne Conway came in", Javers tweeted today.

The letter, dated June 11, delivered a point-by-point rebuttal of the OSC report and said it is "based on multiple fundamental legal and factual errors, makes unfair and unsupported claims against a close adviser to the President, is the product of a blatantly unfair process that ignored statutory notice requirements, and has been influenced by various inappropriate considerations". "Her actions thus erode the principal foundation of our democratic system-the rule of law". She said the administration conducted regular ethics training to ensure everyone appreciated what was allowed to be expressed from the White House.

"Conway's repeated violations and publicly expressed disdain for the law show a risky disregard for governmental ethics, the rule of law and the long-held understanding that government officials should not use their official positions to advance partisan politics", Bookbinder said.

The OSC noted that, during a May 29 media interview, Conway minimized the significance of the law as applied to her. In a report to the Trump administration, the office called for Conway's removal from office.

"Let me know when the jail sentence starts", she told reporters last month when asked about her mixing politics with her government job.

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According to Politico, the OSC has never before made such a recommendation for a White House official.

The Hatch Act, as Reuters reported, is a 1939 law "prohibiting executive branch employees from engaging in some political activities".

"He shouldn't run for office if he isn't going to win", she said.

Yet, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and other Trump officials have stood at the White House podium - when daily or regular press briefings were held - and declined to answer questions by pointing to the Hatch Act. "She'll just - I'll say, do this one or that one".

The special counsel office cited Conway a year ago for favoring a Republican candidate over a Democrat in an interview discussing a special Senate election in Alabama in 2017.

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