Long-distance trip: NASA opening space station to visitors

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Visitors would be able to stay up to 30 days to "perform duties that fall into the approved commercial and marketing activities outlined in the directive".

In addition to opening up ISS and its resources to private companies and astronauts - the first two parts of the five-part plan - NASA will open up the space station's Node 2 Harmony module to commercial activities, the first step in the development of a commercial destination.

NASA Chief Financial Officer Jeff DeWit and ISS Deputy Director Robyn Gatens reveal NASA's increased commercialisation on Friday.

NASA has announced a plan to allow tourists to fly on the International Space Station for the first time starting next year.

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"Nasa is opening the International Space Station to commercial opportunities and marketing these opportunities as we've never done before", Nasa chief financial officer Jeff DeWit said in NY.

NASA said that tourists would be allowed to stay for up to 30 days at the ISS with the trip made via a USA spacecraft.

The tourists would travel on USA spacecraft.

Astronauts have dazzled the world in recent years with photos and videos shot from the International Space Station.

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Nasa said on Friday (June 7) it will open up the International Space Station (ISS) to business ventures including space tourism - with stays priced at US$35,000 (S$48,000) a night - as it seeks to financially disengage from the orbiting research lab.

Russian Federation has already let private citizens onto the station, so it won't be the very first time a non-professional astronaut heads to space, WaPo reported. She described it as a "new model of business" that will help NASA reach its goal of returning Americans to the moon. In other words, in the future, NASA wants to be the buyer of low-Earth orbit services, not the seller.

'This is all building off our upcoming Commercial Crew vehicles transporting astronauts, which will be used by both government and private citizen astronauts, ' DeWitt said.

Nasa will also allow film crews to shoot from the ISS as part of its commercialisation.

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Everyone except China. NASA has published solicitation guidelines for private entities interested in space commercialization aboard the ISS. It's doing so in the hope that private industry will play a supporting role in expanding the human presence beyond Earth.