SpaceX lost its Falcon Heavy core booster to the ocean

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Mother Nature has splashed cold water over SpaceX's triumphant triple booster landing in the wake of last week's Falcon Heavy rocket launch.

Rough weather at sea toppled one of the three boosters used during the launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket last week. Soon after, the vehicle fell into the ocean on its way back from the drone-ship owing to rough seas.

"Over the weekend, due to rough sea conditions, SpaceX's recovery team was unable to secure the center core booster for its return trip to Port Canaveral, " SpaceX says according to the source.

The Falcon 9 Heavy lifting off from the historic Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre."While we had hoped to bring the booster back intact, the safety of our team always takes precedence".

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A step further, the US Air Force recently indicated that Falcon Heavy Flight 3 - carrying its Space Test Program 2 (STP-2) rideshare mission - would indeed reuse both of this launch's side boosters but would feature a brand new center core.

This Thursday, April 11, 2091 image from video made available by SpaceX shows a Falcon rocket booster shortly after landing on a barge in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida.

The sad loss of another Falcon Heavy center booster has once again preventing SpaceX recovery engineers from being able to fully analyze the unique rocket's custom side booster attachment and separation hardware.

Before Thursday's launch, it had been fourteen months since Falcon Heavy's maiden launch, when it blasted off to become the most powerful rocket in use today. Because the center core is connected to two side boosters, it has a different design compared to a normal Falcon 9 booster, so the octagrabber can't grasp onto it well.

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Separately, the two fairings that housed the satellite were also recovered.

SpaceX does have a mechanism, called the 'octograbber, ' which is located on Of Course I Still Love You that can aid in the process of recovering rocket parts.

The fall was a hiccup in an otherwise successful mission - the company's first use of Falcon Heavy since its debut flight in February 2018.

SpaceX is now testing a system to recover the fairings of its Falcon 9 rockets.

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