‘No evidence’ Trump tax cuts are trickling down to workers

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Boos rose from the audience after Trump said "Today is tax day that we're celebrating".

Patriotic Millionaires-a group of rich Americans that launched a campaign last week calling for higher taxes on the wealthy-added, "If you're curious where the promised $4,000 raise from the GOP tax cut went, look no further than the bank accounts of the wealthiest Americans".

The tax cuts didn't provide Republicans the boost they had hoped for in the November midterm elections when the Democrats took control of the House.

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The president's focus on tax day served to highlight his refusal to release his own tax returns. A $1.5 trillion tax cut ranks 12th as a share of the total economy, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Tax payer's can also apply to settle for a smaller amount or request a temporary delay in payment from the IRS.

Accompanying the president on the Tax Day jaunt are Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Minnesota U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer, a Republican who represents a district north of the Twin Cities. In fact, no Republican presidential candidate has won Minnesota since Nixon. "That tax bill should have been a bill that would have not only brought some taxes down for working people but also could have funded a major infrastructure investment". "The recent success of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is certainly progress, but if the SMART Act was in place now, taxpayers would file a return the size of a postcard, and every American would be taxed equally and at the same rate". An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll last week showed that most Americans didn't think they even got a tax cut.

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Trump says incorrectly that he enacted the largest package of tax cuts in history. Democrats have set a new deadline of April 23 for the IRS to hand over six years of the president's returns, as requested by Rep. Richard E. Neal, D-Mass., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, under a provision of the tax code that gives the tax writing committee chair authority to request returns of any American.

Nuss (right) tells Trump how excited his employees were when they learned of the president's planned visit.

More than 65 percent of US taxpayers paid $100 or more less in taxes in 2018 than they did prior to reform. Expand the earned income tax credit and the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, which offers a tax break for child care. US taxpayers across the country are rushing to meet a midnight Monday deadline for filing their income tax returns with the IRS.

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While at the event, Trump discussed topics ranging from business growth to the economic plight of farmers to the burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.