Tory MP: Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Is "Treacherous"

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She hopes to find a way to persuade hardline pro-Brexit MPs to back her deal at the third attempt, on the grounds that the alternatives offer a less clean break with the EU. A dozen government ministers abstained rather than support May's bid to preserve the no-deal option, while another voted against, and resigned.

The cross-partyproposal was the first time the House of Commons has held a formal vote on whether to endorse another referendum. But David Lidington did announce at the despatch box earlier today that the government will facilitate indicative voting after the European Union summit if MPs have not agreed a deal before that point.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn repeated his demand for a general election.

May's opponents are simultaneously trying to grab the Brexit controls from her hands, although it's far from clear if Britain's divided Parliament can agree on a way forward.

The prospect of a long extension period would be the stuff of nightmares for hardline eurosceptics, anxious that Brexit may never happen and could strengthen PM May's hand as she pushes to get her deal over the line.

An amendment on Thursday that called for a delay so as to allow a second referendum was soundly defeated in Parliament, being voted down 334-85 - suggesting there isn't an appetite for a second referendum yet.

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Hilary Benn told the Press Association: "What we've won today - although we lost the vote on my amendment - is Stephen Barclay confirmed that the Government will bring this so-called neutral motion back by the 25th and we will have a chance to amend it".

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier on Wednesday said Brussels will not rework the painstakingly-negotiated withdrawal agreement.

"It will be for the European Council to consider such a request, giving priority to the need to ensure the functioning of EU institutions and taking into account the reasons for and duration of a possible extension", the European Commission said in a statement after the British parliament's vote.

MPs also rejected the prospect of a second referendum on Brexit.

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May said the government would not instruct her own party's lawmakers how to vote, as would normally be the case.

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The UK Prime Minister Theresa May did not listen to his suggestions on how to negotiate a Brexit deal with her European counterparts, Trump noted in his Thursday comments.

Instead, "those who can accept a soft Brexit compromise are more likely to benefit", he said, referring to a situation where Britain leaves but stays close to the EU.

It comes as MPs voted to delay Brexit by at least three months after Theresa May's deal was crushed for a second time on Tuesday.

The government said there were now two choices - agree a deal and try to secure a short delay to Brexit, or fail to agree anything and face a much longer delay.

The source warned that Mrs May had to tell Brussels her plans the moment MPs asked for an extension to give the EU-27 time to prepare their response for next week.

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