Democrat Beto O’Rourke announces 2020 White House bid

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Fans have been wondering if he would run for president after he lost the senate race to Ted Cruz in November. In the 115th Congress, O'Rourke voted with President Trump 30 percent of the time, a much higher rate than many of his primary rivals.

O'Rourke has an influential social media presence and demonstrated a grassroots fundraising prowess in his unsuccessful Senate bid, raising a whopping $80 million. This "woke whiteness" factor - the idea that progressive white men in particular might be able to say and do things that minority candidates couldn't get away with - certainly seems to be an implicit part of O'Rourke's appeal.

Democratic operatives in states with early presidential primaries, including SC and Nevada, formed Draft Beto groups that spent months fundraising and building campaign infrastructure until their candidate was ready.

O'Rourke has three days of campaign events in Iowa planned and has promised to travel the country listening to would-be voters.

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Other 2020 Democratic hopefuls have promoted their extensive legislative records. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Cory Booker of New Jersey, are also slated to knock on doors for Giddens this weekend.

Some had encouraged O'Rourke to make another run at the Senate again, challenging Republican Sen.

Now, the last main piece of the 2020 election puzzle will be former vice president Joe Biden, who has said he will reveal his political plans soon.

"In El Paso, we are secure, because we treat one another with dignity and respect. The destination really has to be the realization of everything this country is capable of doing", O'Rourke said. "We know that walls do not save lives". Ted Cruz. Still, the Senate race thrust O'Rourke, who served three terms in the House, into the national spotlight.

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The 46-year-old former Congressman from Texas announced the news the morning after his cover for Vanity Fair, shot by the legendary Annie Leibovitz, was released.

"We saw the power of this in Texas, where people allowed no difference, however great or however small, to stand between them and divide us", O'Rourke said.

Beto O'Rourke jumped into the 2020 presidential race Thursday, shaking up the already packed field and pledging to win over voters from both major parties as he tries to translate his political celebrity into a formidable White House bid.

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