After 2 years of rancour, Trump to call for unity in address

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"You'll hear the State of the Union, and then you'll see what happens right after the State of the Union", Trump told reporters.

Few Democrats debate the damage to Americans' wages caused by four decades of illegal immigration.

U.S. Constitution requires the president "shall from time to time give the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient".

Since Democrats, especially those running for president, largely agree on policy, finding the right style and tone to fight Trump will be paramount, said Jason Nichols, an African-American studies lecturer at the University of Maryland.

"Simply put, walls work and walls save lives".

The president was surrounded by symbols of his emboldened political opposition.

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But while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats will rightly consider checking Trump an achievement in itself, those concerned about the wellbeing of democratic institutions should realise that the real challenge still lies ahead.

To acknowledge this historic diversity, many lawmakers will be wearing white, a nod to the women's suffrage movement. It's about him being treated differently than every other president. Sen. Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren?

Another Democratic star, Stacey Abrams, will deliver the party's response to Mr Trump. Abrams narrowly lost her bid in November to become America's first black female governor, and party leaders are aggressively recruiting her to run for U.S. Senate from Georgia.

The bipartisan, bicameral conference committee composed of 17 Democrats and Republicans was formed as part of the deal to end the 35-day partial shutdown of the government.

His remarks came as Democrats who now control the House planned a series of probes into the Trump administration and his personal finances, while Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller investigates Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

Republican strategist and former White House official Raj Shah said the speech offered Trump a chance to turn the page. His approval rating stands at just 34 per cent after the shutdown, according to a recent survey conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. "With the wall, we will be safer".

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Además, añadió que "en el marco de los principios del derecho internacional y de la región, acompañamos los mecanismos de diálogo y encuentro entre venezolanos auspiciados desde América Latina y El Caribe".

On the flip side, members of Congress will be using their plus one guests to send a message, many of them inviting undocumented immigrants who used to work on Trump properties.

Against that backdrop, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is inching toward a potential agreement that would give Trump just a fraction of what he's demanding.

Trump's speech will impact the congressional border security panel that is slated to develop a budget for the Department of Homeland Security by February 15, and will likely reveal some information about his views towards a pending White House proposal about immigration and the economy.

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that the United States would build a "human wall" along the border with Mexico if it can not construct a physical barrier.

Trump replied in a letter of his own on January 23 that the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service indicated "there are no security concerns" around the State of the Union and he meant to honor Pelosi's initial invitation. He's reduced federal taxes and regulations, 304,000 jobs were added to the United States economy last month, unemployment is at a 50-year low, and there are now more jobs available than there are people to fill them.

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