LEAKED: Trump's day is 60 percent unstructured

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Overall, since November 7, Trump has spent about 297 hours in Executive Time and 77 hours in scheduled meetings, plus 39 hours having lunch and 51 hours traveling, according to the private calendars Axios obtained.

So during his executive time, Trump is not always just stewing in front of the television, but he is likely in and out of meetings and speaking with advisers.

"Executive time" does not necessarily preclude meetings, Axios said, since they may be organised on the spur of the moment and include calls with heads of state, political meetings and meetings with counsel in the White House residence.

Donald Trump's private schedule was leaked Sunday and alleges he spends most of his time watching TV, reading newspapers, and tweeting.

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Historians note that early in his presidency, Bill Clinton was habitually late and often deviated from the planned schedule.

In the same three month period Trump has spent 77 hours in scheduled meetings, 51 hours travelling and 40 hours eating lunch.

Alexi McCammond and Jonathan Swan commented: "The president sometimes has meetings during Executive Time that he doesn't want most West Wing staff to know about for fear of leaks..."

As a senior White House official revealed: "He's always calling people, talking to people". People inside are genuinely scared.,' said former White House aide, Cliff Sims.

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The extensive schedules leaked to Axios appear to confirm years of headlines about Trump's time in the White House: his distaste for extensive briefings and lengthy meetings and his preference for time to himself to freewheel and deal much as he did during his time as a New York City real estate and reality TV personality. According to these reports, more than 60% of the President's scheduled time, including not only the mornings when he is most famously known for tweeting randomly but also mid-afternoons and on other occasions throughout the day, are filled with this so-called "Executive Time".

Trump's White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders reaffirmed the president's style of leadership.

The release of the information is a "disgraceful breach of trust", according to Madeleine Westerhout, the director of Oval Office operations.

"President Trump has ignited a booming economy with lower taxes and higher wages, established the U.S. as the #1 producer of oil and gas in the world, remade our judiciary, rebuilt our military, and renegotiated better trade deals", Sanders stated.

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Joy Behar argued that the leak happened because Trump's staff is "scared" of his instability, but Abby Huntsman came to Hostin's defense by saying those staffers should just quit if they disagree with the president this strongly.