Apple reportedly cuts iPhone production by 10 percent for first quarter

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The Company told its suppliers in December that it would produce fewer new iPhones from its initial expectations for the March quarter, the Nikkei said.

Apple's newest smartphone, the iPhone XR made a whole lot of buzz past year when it launched because of its different design and looks along with the lower than the usual price tag.

China is cited as the reason for weakening iPhone sales as that country's economy slows, which has been impacted by a trade war with the United States.

And in the communication to the outside: Apple makes our lives better, more attractive, more meaningful - that is the message that millions of customers around the world higher and higher prices for iPhone and co. with a shrug tolerate twitch.

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Sculley, who the late co-founder Jobs lured from PepsiCo PEP to Apple, pointed out that the first and later iPhone generations gradually took market share from Blackberry, Nokia and Motorola cell phones and revolutionized photography, eventually leading to Kodak's bankruptcy in 2012.

Reuters reports that market research firm Canalys is expecting smartphone shipments in China to fall three percent in 2019 after a 12-percent decline a year ago.

The Nikkei said Apple could not be reached for comment on the information.

Data provided by Mixpanel shows that iPhone XS Max is the most popular 2018 iPhone, with its adoption rate exceeding the one of both iPhone XS and iPhone XR. The original plan for the 48 million devices sold in the period from January to March, which was subsequently reduced to 43 million, now receives another blow and is reduced by an additional 10% to 40 million. Summit Trail Advisors LLC raised its stake in Apple by 17,669.4% during the 1st quarter.

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The report comes after chip suppliers Samsung Electronics and Skyworks Solutions flagged weak first-quarter chip demand for smartphones. However, most of Apple's products do not come under the increased tariffs bracket.

Apple AAPL CEO Tim Cook's vision for health-care services has gotten a stamp of approval from a past chief of the tech giant.

If accurate, it would be the second time Apple has cut production of its iPhones in the last two months.

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