London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrated inclusivity

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New Year's Eve celebrations were also called off in nearby Banten province, where the disaster struck on December 22 killing more than 400 people.

Speaking to the Press Association on New Year's Eve, he said: "Well one of the things which upset many, many Londoners and many people across our country and in Europe is the tone and language used by politicians in Westminster, giving the impression we're insular, inward looking, not welcoming to Europeans".

Over on ITV, the soaps topped the night with 5.1 million and 5.7 million watching Emmerdale and Coronation Street respectively.

Like the London fireworks, it attracts many people from continental Europe and even further afield.

In Russia's Moscow, concerts and light shows were held across the city's parks and more than 1,000 ice rinks were opened for merrymakers. REUTERS/Edgar SuFireworks explode near Petronas Twin Towers during New Year celebrations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia January 1, 2019.

Historic moment: 620-km long women’s wall formed in Kerala
The wall of women was not without discord and, if anything, starkly underscored the fault lines of Kerala society. The participants would gather at the designated centers on Tuesday at 3.30 PM, when a rehearsal would be held.

"New Year's Eve showcases Sydney at its best and brightest and we are thrilled to have beamed images of the city's iconic fireworks", acting head of entertainment and specialist Michael Carrington said.

The Harbour Bridge put on a Vector Lights display from 9pm, before a countdown to midnight when the lights pulsed in time with the Sky Tower's five-minute-long fireworks display.

By midnight, Berlin police reported fewer incidents than in previous years.

Fiji, New Zealand and Australia were among the first to welcome the New Year - and China, Korea, Philippines and Taiwan followed with their light shows.

Thousands of North Koreans gathered on Kim Il Sung square in Pyongyang to celebrate the new year with musical performances and fireworks.

NK leader talks of denuclearization, economic development in New Year address
Washington and Pyongyang are trying to arrange a second summit between Trump and Kim, who met in Singapore on June 12. Meanwhile, Trump used his New Year's message to brag about the "accomplishments" of his adminstatrion so far.

The night included more references to unity and inclusivity through music.

Russian Federation will see in the new year progressively over several time zones, having started in far eastern Kamchatka.

Officials have urged centralized fireworks displays to discourage wild and sometimes fatal merrymaking.

The notorious tradition, worsened by celebratory gunfire, stems from a Chinese-influenced belief that noise drives away evil and misfortune.

Dozens of families headed to restaurants and bars in the Old City. The rising oceans have turned fresh water sources brackish, imperiling communities and raising doubts the nation will exist at the next New Year. Officials said at least two people were killed and almost 30 wounded.

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Sales of all-electric cars rose 40 percent to 46,092 in 2018, while sales of diesel vehicles fell 28 percent. By contrast, such electric cars only had a 2.2% share in China and 1.2% in the US.

Fireworks are fired from buildings to celebrate the arrival of 2019 in Hillbrow, Johannesburg on January 1, 2019.