CDD Ghana Pushes For Voluntary Testing On World AIDS Day

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In December 2014, more than 200 people signed a petition to expel an HIV-positive eight-year-old boy from their village, prompting a national debate and highlighting the stigma involved.

"His dignity and hope will inspire people across the country and around the world - those with HIV, and also those of us who will always stand together with them".

Only one other MP has ever announced they have the HIV virus - former Labour cabinet minister Chris Smith, who revealed it in a newspaper in 2005.

Speaking from the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, she said: "The UK is helping millions of people access antiretroviral therapy and supporting HIV prevention in some of the world's poorest countries".

More than 30,000,000 people are living with HIV, but only about 40% of them know they have the disease.

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Since the start of the epidemic in 1981 about 77.3 million people have become infected with HIV and 35.4 million [25.0 million-49.9 million] people have died from AIDS-related illnesses in the same period.

"This is a particular challenge for young people, with an estimated 700 adolescents being newly infected with HIV every day".

Knowing your HIV status has many advantages.

He shared that he's now "HIV positive undetectable".

This is not the first time the CDC has dropped the ball and failed to promote safer sex and condom use in its HIV prevention missives and messaging.

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Subsidized HIV testing kits available in campus vending machines cost less than five dollars.

Data released ahead of World AIDS Day revealed that the United Kingdom has become one of the first countries to meet UNAIDS targets for HIV prevention, as efforts to tackle HIV/AIDS prove dramatically effective.

In Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia, Index Case Testing is used a method to target the people living with HIV who are not aware they have the virus. "From 2006 to 2015, the AIDS detection rate among men aged 15 to 19 years more than tripled (from 2.4 to 6.9 cases/100,000 inhabitants)".

"Although we do care for clients with HIV that have been referred from elsewhere, we haven't had a local positive test result since 2016".

"I have actually seen people not take promotions or not take raises because they fear losing their assistance through the AIDS Drug Assistance Program", Junjulas said. In 2017, TCE in Namibia reached 50,623 people with testing, of whom 3,917 tested HIV positive.

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Almost a million people still die every year from AIDS.