Trump Urges Mexico to Send Migrants Home; 42 Arrested

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Thousands of migrants have been gathering there after crossing through Mexico in a series of caravans that originated from Central America - and presumably are amongst those who were arrested on both sides of the border.

"There were some press members who helped throwing water to the children and there was a child who was hardly breathing and a person from the press grabbed him and took him away", she said in Spanish.

U.S. Border Patrol agents were "being assaulted" when the decision was made to fire tear gas canisters at people trying to rush the U.S. -Mexico border in California Sunday, Border Patrol chief Carla Provost said Monday, while insisting a wall is needed to replace outdated fencing at the nation's busiest border crossing.

It was not immediately clear whether those throwing objects at USA agents were part of the caravan, MSNBC reported.

Mexico after being hit by tear gas by U.S. Customs and Border Protection after attempting to illegally cross the border wall into the United States in Tijuana Mexico Nov.25 2018
Adrees Latif Reuters

For his part, President Trump tweeted several times about the asylum seekers over the weekend, noting that the border would be closed if necessary.

"Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries", Trump tweeted.

Had the group made it to the border and presented themselves as asylum seekers, USA officials would have been required by federal law to consider their claim before sending them back to Mexico.

A former top Border Patrol official said Monday that the pepper spray used to stop migrants from forcing their way across the United States border to seek asylum was so harmless they could eat it on their nachos. "Congress, fund the WALL!".

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Fifteen days remain for an entirely Republican-controlled Congress to pass legislation created to accomplish five crucial objectives that Laura Ingraham suggested may stem the tide.

"They came to support the Tijuana police so that there's a stronger presence, and the migrants don't try to do what they did yesterday", said Victor Coronel, head of migrant affairs at the Tijuana municipal police.

Democrats and other critics called the Trump administration's use of tear gas toward the migrants an overreaction, and blamed the administration for rejecting efforts to address larger immigration issues. "So some people got rocks and threw them because many kids were fainting", he said.

Video below was taken near the San Ysidro Port of Entry on Sunday morning. "That means addressing effects of our failed past involvement in those countries (in their civil wars, drug trade and drug wars) and the institutional failings in those countries (rule of law)", he stated.

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"The president can't be held responsible for this". Others continued to approach the border and were repelled by more tear gas.

He called for Congress to debate a broad reform of USA immigration laws - something Mr. Trump has also said he would welcome, though it's not clear there's any common ground on what the two sides would like to see.

He encouraged lawmakers to act rather than sitting on their hands and hoping to avoid negative political fallout.

McAleenan said individuals breached the border fence to the east of San Ysidro and some went west and sought to enter through the Tijuana River channel.

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