Thugs of Hindostan movie tweet review

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Keeping in view the film's occupancy rate, it indeed looks like a possibility.

He also insisted that the film's comparison to Hollywood's popular franchise Pirates of the Caribbean might affect the audience in the top ten cities but beyond that, in smaller towns, many people don't know what is Pirates.

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Barring a few positive reviews here and there, the micro-blogging platform is replete with savage reactions to the high-budgeted film.

According to industry analyst Taran Adarsh, the film released in a total of 5000 screens in India and 2000 screens overseas. But will find it hard to sustain after the initial euphoria settles down. #TOH is a golden opportunity lost, a KING-SIZED DISAPPOINTMENT!'

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The price of one ticket goes up to Rs. 1,800 which isn't even the cost of popcorn and pepsi included with the film. Rating: All that glitters is NOT gold... "Holds true for * a class="_58cn" href="" data-ft="{"type":104,"tn":"*N"}" *#TOH... "Formula-ridden plot, screenplay of convenience, shoddy direction are the main culprits..." the tweet read. "He wrote, "#ThugsOfHindostan screen count.

Big, bloated, bombastic, Thugs of Hindostan is a period saga that banks exclusively upon action and spectacle for impact. Aamir and Big B = GOOD and they try to be the saving grace but they remain as caricatures! "Big debacle!" shared a user on Twitter. With such a start, the movie is all set to do some serious fireworks at the box office, in a days to come.

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