Google Play Movies Giving Away 4K Upgrades, Introduces Price Cuts

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To help more people watch 4K, Google says that owners of 4K Samsung Smart TVs can now watch 4K content using their Play Movies & TV app. If you like to watch movies at higher resolutions and have a 4K capable display then this is something that you should take advantage of.

So yes, while that sucked, Google has finally jumped on the upgrade bandwagon, and now some of your current movies from the Play Store will be made available in 4K at no extra charge. Not only that, they will also start selling 4K movies at lower prices.

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Worth noting: Not all movies are available in 4K. Yes, even if you purchased the title in SD or HD, you will be eligible to stream it in 4K after the upgrade. Once upgraded, you'll be notified within the app the next time you open it.

The Play Store began offering UHD content back in late 2016, and today will upgrade existing SD and HD movie purchases to 4K for free in the US and Canada. The company is working to add support for LG TVs as well.

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There was noticeably no information about Android TV Google Play movies app and whether that will be capable of playing 4K content natively on hardware that supports it, such as the NVIDIA Shield Android TV set top box. Google's move may be in response to Apple, which abandoned premium pricing for 4K content in 2017. 4K movies used to sit at around $30. An update for recent Samsung smart TV's is already available and Google is working with other partners such as LG to bring the updated UI and 4K functionality to their devices.

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