'Gold digging’ dog pretends to be stray for McDonald’s burgers

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May I take you order?

While some customers may see Princess the dog lurking outside the McDonald's and think it's a stray, her owner Betsy Reyes says otherwise. Reyes argues that Princess "doesn't know how to act" since she's been taking unapproved night time strolls to the fast food restaurant.

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Princess can be seen apparently "begging" for food as a vehicle pulls up beside her.

If you happen to find yourself at the McDonald's on South Shields Boulevard in Oklahoma City, whatever you do, don't feed the sad-looking dog hanging around outside. Reyes then filmed Princess sauntering over to a different auto where she successfully acquired a piece of the driver's burger.

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After chowing down on the snack, Princess heads to the window of Reyes' vehicle, where she appeared to recognize her owner.

Reyes posted video of Princess online before going up to the drive-thru herself.

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The post has been shared more than 263,000 times. The pup seems to recognize Reyes and begins to wag her tail and jump on the vehicle.