October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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In urban communities the incidence is as high as one in eight.

The effect was stronger for premenopausal breast cancer, with women who had given birth between 26-32 weeks more than twice as likely to develop breast cancer before the menopause than those who had given birth at 40-41 weeks. The fire chief said his mother was a breast cancer survivor and that numerous firefighters in the department have family members or friends who have dealt with breast cancer. On the contrary, it is estimated that by making changes to the food we eat, the level of exercise we undertake and maintaining a normal body weight, along with early detection, screening and other lifestyle changes, majority of breast cancers can be prevented.

"When you diagnose the cancer early, that means the treatment is limited and not very invasive", she said. The technologist will position you, compress the breast and take images from different angles. "Do this in a circular motion down to the lower part of the breast and make sure you cover the whole breast", she says.

Short first pregnancies and having a heavier first-born child may slightly increase a mother's risk of breast cancer, a new study has found.

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She underwent a double mastectomy in August 2016 and then went through eight rounds of chemotherapy. "More years, more hugs, more love, more life - that's worth fighting for!"

Dr. Gabriel reference the unfortunate downside to not performing regular breast examinations. Many lumps may turn out to be harmless, but it is essential that all of them are checked.

Don't let the possibility of getting breast cancer loom over your head and stop you from living normally. Some risk factors can be avoided, but most risk factors cannot be avoided.

"The gap between Kiwi women's survival with advanced breast cancer and that of women with advanced breast cancer overseas remains shocking". "If you're concerned about your risk, the first step is to consult your doctor about earlier screening". What many people might not be aware of is how much information about breast cancer treatment is outdated or false. He also notes that people who have never given birth, those who start menses so early for example at the age of eight or those who experience late menopause, all of them are at high risk of having breast cancer. She said that she didn't have a history of cancer in her Haitian family, didn't smoke cigarettes, ate healthy and had none of the typical risk factors associated with breast cancer.

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Chicago is leading the nation in closing the disparity in breast cancer mortality rates between African-American and white women, an accomplishment announced past year with much fanfare. The mortality rate for young black women is high for a variety of reasons, including hormones, obesity and familial risk.

"Especially guys will tell me you can't have breast cancer, you're a man".

But Tatum had problems with her community hospital from the start: unreliably scheduled appointments, missing mammogram records, lost biopsy records. The same is true for women who go through menopause when they're older than 55.

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition didn't have a support group for women with stage IV until this year.

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