Chicago girl diagnosed with rare polio-like disease

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CDC officials said that they have not confirmed a cause for the majority of AFM cases and continue to investigate.

While officials said the cases occurred in northern IL, more specific locations were not publicly available.

The condition has gained attention in the past week after the parents of a 2-year-old Batavia girl came forward to share their story to raise awareness. Experts don't know what causes it.

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The state Health Department says the enterovirus EV-D68 typically causes a runny nose and body aches, and only rarely leads to AFM. Among them is two-year-old Julia Payne, whose symptoms started off resembling those of a common cold.

"It's very hard to understand what kids are going to react this way and which aren't", Malakooti said earlier this week.

The CDC began tracking the cases in 2014 after seeing an uptick in the number of cases.

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"The CDC has indicated there might be some increases in cases, and in mid-September we advised health care providers to be vigilant and report to the health department so that we can pass on the information to the CDC", Arnold said.

A rare disease similar to polio appears to be spiking. "Since 2015, four cases reviewed by CDC experts have been counted in IL", the IDHP stated.

"If their child gets an enteroviral infection, they need to look for symptoms such as sudden onset of arm and leg weakness, difficulty swallowing".

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