Eating disorders, youth and Indigenous mental illness priorities of $125m government mission

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SUNSHINE Coast residents have the chance to learn mindfulness for free during Queensland Mental Health Week.

The walk will start from The Piazza at 1pm on Wednesday.

Jamie Matsell, General Manager at Xercise4Less Sheffield, said: "The physical benefits of exercise are well-known, but World Mental Health Day is the flawless opportunity to shine a light on the positive effects exercise has on our mental wellbeing". On World Mental Health Day today themed 'Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World, ' experts said that many children are facing mood disturbances, including depression.

Research has also found around 75 per cent of mental health disorders appear by the age of 24, while over the last decade nearly five times as many students have disclosed a mental health condition to their university compared to ten years ago.

Dr Philip McCrea, Chief Medical Officer at BHSF, commissioned this research to raise awareness of the impact of poor mental health on the workplace.

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Because it's not over yet - we still need to get this issue debated in parliament, and ultimately for the law to be changed.

Researchers have examined data from 144 studies, which included over 90,000 participants from across the globe and concluded that the stigma of mental illness remains one of the top reasons people choose to forgo care.

Not surprisingly, most workers (77 percent) believe that people should take proactive steps to manage their mental health, and more than half (57 percent) believe that apps and online technologies are going to become the first option many people use to do so.

Additionally, the GMWS said the "strain" on the psychiatric services has recently been brought to the fore, including the delays in sentencing in court due to pending psychiatric reports.

"This campaign has secured so much support from across the country which will be very significant when it comes to garnering the support of my MP colleagues", she said.

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"We are aware that improvements to the system have taken place over the years but we feel we can not wait another two, four, six years for certain changes to be made".

Seape said warning signs and symptoms could include changes in eating and sleeping habits, loss of interest in usual activities, neglect of personal appearance or hygiene, withdrawal from friends and family, or running away from home.

It explained that the lack of such a facility can have dire effects on the diagnosis and treatment of children. "Further we tend to downplay another's problem without realising that it may be a serious concern". Counsellor availability at schools and colleges improves the chance of early detection and therefore better management.

"This was a GSLP commitment in the 2011 Manifesto and we would like it to be acted on".

Dr McNamara noted the timeliness of Mental Health Awareness Week coinciding with Teagasc's Fodder and Finance Budgeting Week, during which Teagasc advisors will be available to visit farms and give practical advice about feeding, fodder production and financial budgeting to both Teagasc clients and non-clients. "These are five proven things we can all do in our everyday lives to build resilience and boost mental health and wellbeing". Why is it that while most of us feel quite confident talking to family and friends about our physical aches and pains, we are not so comfortable to talk about our mental health?

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