Man in custody following threats tied to Van Dyke trial, police say

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Mr. Van Dyke sat stone-faced as the jury's foreman announced that it had also found him guilty of all 16 counts of aggravated battery-one count for each shot fired into Mr. McDonald. At one point, he sipped water from a bottle.

Jurors found Van Dyke not guilty of official misconduct.

On Friday, following the jury's determination, demonstrators gathered in the city's streets and celebrated the outcome. His father lowered his head while some members of the McDonald family held hands.

Gaughan ordered sheriff's deputies to immediately take Van Dyke into custody pending his sentencing.

As activists gathered in Chicago Friday afternoon and a packed courtroom awaited the arrival of the jury, students crowded around a TV in Norris University Center to watch the verdict in Jason Van Dyke's trial. "America was on trial here and people all over America and all across the world have been waiting to see what was going to happen".

But Van Dyke and his attorneys maintained that the video did not tell the whole story.

Three other Chicago officers were charged last year with allegedly conspiring to cover up the fatal shooting, and they will be tried later this year.

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Van Dyke's lead attorney Dan Herbert countered: "Race had absolutely nothing to do with this". After deliberating for four hours on Thursday they had spent the night sequestered in a hotel with no access to media.

"None of that happened", she said.

Before the shooting, Jason Van Dyke never saw his name in the paper. Oliver was sentenced to 15 years in prison. "That's not justified, that's not necessary - that's first-degree murder", prosecutor Joseph McMahon told jurors, according to NPR. "Today our Justice system fulfilled its obligation to justice for all".

Prosecutors and defense attorneys argued over what the footage actually proved.

"I am excited", said Wilson, who is African-American and was born and raised in Chicago. Police said he was holding a knife.

"The Chicago Police Department is standing with an officer we think acted as an officer", he said.

Video of the shooting led protests, a Justice Department civil rights investigation, criticism of the city's mayor and eventually the ouster of the police superintendent.

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The city has been on edge in advance of the verdict and city officials and business owners have beefed up security in expectation of protests. A Post analysis of on-duty shootings between 2005 and 2015 found just 54 police officers had been charged in connection with such a shooting.

Following the live broadcast of the long-awaited verdict, a number of supporters, protesters, and celebrities hopped online to show their approval of the final verdict.

As previously reported, Laquan McDonald was fatally shot on October 20, 2014, on Chicago's South Pulaski Road, after officers responded to a report of him carrying a knife.

Mr Van Dyke was arrested in 2015 after dashcam footage appeared to show him fatally shooting Mr McDonald as he moved away from officers, contradicting official accounts.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi declined to provide additional information and would not say whom the threats were targeting, or if the threats are related to those received by Van Dyke's daughter on Thursday.

Gleason seized on the testimony of one the defense's own witnesses, a psychologist who interviewed Van Dyke.

"It wasn't the knife in Laquan's hand that made the defendant kill him that night".

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