2nd woman accuses Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct

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We should start with a recent update to the on again, off again plans for Christine Blasey Ford to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Trump contended that Ford's decision to wait so late before going public shows the incident probably was not "as bad as she says" - even if this runs counter to what experts say is the typical reaction of sexual assault victims afraid or embarrassed to report. "She has agreed to move forward with a hearing even though the committee has refused to subpoena Mark Judge". ". [T] here is no legitimate basis for you to continue blocking the FBI from investigating this important matter".

President Donald Trump's embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faced a second accusation of sexual misconduct Sunday, leaving Republicans scrambling to save a confirmation that until recently had seemed all but certain.

"If they continue to contest those two things there won't be a hearing", Sen.

And Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), said the president should call for the FBI to investigate if he wanted to "get to the bottom" of Blasey's account.

What's more, some of these people sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee-the very authority charged with deciding whether the allegation is credible enough to deny Kavanaugh a spot on the Supreme Court. I want to hear her.

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Ford claims Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when both were high schoolers at a suburban Maryland party. Senior Republican staffers also learned of the allegation last week, according to the magazine, and expressed concern about the impact this new allegation could have on Kavanaugh's nomination.

"I am writing to request an immediate postponement of any further proceedings related to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh", she said in a statement.

Among their list of requests, Ford's lawyers asked that the committee only allow senators to ask questions and that Ford be able to call other witnesses.

"Most Americans, for example, recall vividly where they were and what they were doing the moment they first learned of the 9/11 terrorist attacks."
"What am I supposed to do?"

Also unclear is what day she might come to Capitol Hill and whether she's offering to speak in a public session or a private one.

"The most powerful man in the world just used his position and platform to attack a sexual assault survivor", she said on Twitter.

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Ford wanted to remain anonymous when she wrote to Feinstein, but was reportedly forced to come forward after the existence of the letter was leaked to the press.

All the Republicans on the panel are men.

Regarding Ford's testimony, there are still unresolved procedural and logistical issues, her lawyers said, including whether the Judiciary Committee's Republican senators, who are all male, or staff attorneys would question her. Ford's lawyers said "various senators have been dismissive of her account and should have to shoulder their responsibility to ask her questions".

The Committee had delayed a vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation after California professor Christine Blasey Ford's allegations emerged last week, and her lawyers and committee staff were negotiating the conditions of her testimony.

The president's comments infuriated Democrats, dismayed many Republicans and risked further alienating women voters ahead of the November 6 mid-term elections, in which Democrats have a chance to win control of the House and perhaps the Senate.

Moreover, the West Wing aides who had urged Trump to remain muted in his response to the accusations anxious about how the president might react to an hourslong, televised hearing.

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White House spokesperson Kerri Kupec spoke along similar lines.