Republican congressman’s six siblings endorse his Democrat opponent

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Gosar, an Arizona Republican who made conspiratorial claims about Charlottesville past year, is running for re-election against Democrat David Brill.

The striking part? It's not their brother.

Just in case the point is lost on viewers, Grace says "Paul Gosar's my brother", and two other siblings-Joan and Gaston-also show up to formally endorse their brother's political opponent, Dr. David Brill.

If that sounds brutal on paper, the execution is even more savage.

"Paul Gosar the congressman isn't doing anything to help rural America", says physician Grace Gosar.

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In an interview with the Washington Post, David Gosar, 57, a lawyer in Jackson, Wyo., said he felt obligated to speak out against his brother because of his views, though he wished it weren't the case.

The siblings also spoke about Paul's record on Social Security, health care, water policy and his apparent disinterest in helping his rural constituents.

A man named Tim, a private investigator, says: "He's not listening to you and he doesn't have your interests at heart". The videos feature six of the 10 Gosar children, who are originally from Wyoming: Tim, Joan, Grace, David, Jennifer, and Gaston. In 2017, he promoted a right-wing conspiracy theory that the violent protest by white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, was orchestrated by left-wing activists to undermine President Trump.

We watched the interview of Paul Gosar on Vice News and believe Paul owes George Soros a personal apology.

The letter went on to say that 'It is extremely upsetting to have to call you out on this, Paul, but you've forced our hand with your deceit and anti-semitic dog whistle. Congressman Gosar did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

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In July 2018, Gosar appeared at a rally in the United Kingdom in support of far-right political activist Tommy Robinson.

"It would be hard to see my brother as anything but a racist", Mr Gosar's sister Grace tells voters in another upcoming advert, according to The Phoenix New Times.

In Wisconsin, Democrat Randy Bryce's brother is featured in an ad backing Republican Bryan Steil in the 1st District race for retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan's seat.

It's one in a short series of videos starring Gosar's siblings, each of which has at least one sibling reflecting at length on how their brother's politics don't reflect their family's values. His own damn flesh and blood lining up to denounce him.

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