150 people awaiting rescue in New Bern, NC

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Colleen Roberts, the public informaton officer from the city, told Fox News that 200 have been rescued so far as the Category 1 storm battered the area with strong winds and a life-threatening storm surge.

"We have the situation that has developed here at the station, and that is that the water [is] getting [so] close to the building that the building has been evacuated", Cox said in a video posted to Twitter Thursday night.

He confirmed that due to rising waters, some people are waiting for rescue in their attics and on their roofs.

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Outlaw said at least 4,200 homes and 300 businesses in New Bern have sustained damage from flooding or trees.

"People who live in New Bern have experienced hurricanes before, but it has been a long time since we have experienced something like this". "These were waves crashing down". He made a plan B: if the water reached the house, he'd take the pets upstairs to the second floor. "We were able to evacuate quite a few; some did not go", he said.

The Cajun Navy has assisted local authorities in New Bern with water rescues, having reportedly received 500 calls for help with rescues in the New Bern area. "You don't want to put someone in a bucket and send them high into the air to mess with power lines in 70 miles per hour winds".

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"Things here are very, very serious", he said. A spokesperson for the ABC affiliate said roads around the building were flooding.

Mr Cox said a sister station would pick up the coverage of Florence's arrival after his team left before walking off-screen but cameras kept on rolling.

"So that really did just happen", Jaime McCutcheon, one of the station's anchors, tweeted.

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"Little rough, but we're all out", the station tweeted around 9 p.m. Thursday.