Nicki Minaj Breaks Her Silence On "Mortifying" & "Humiliating" Cardi B Barney

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The media has pitted Nicki Minaj and Cardi B against each other for months now, and the highly publicized altercation from Friday, where Cardi B allegedly threw a shoe at Minaj at a Harper's Bazaar NYFW party, has spiraled into further controversy.

Nicki Minaj is yet to publicly address her "fight" with Cardi B however she has hinted that she may do so during this week's episode of Queen Radio.

'I want to let the whole world know that I have never and will never speak ill of somebody's child, that's some clown s**t, and some more clown s**t is telling that someone is speaking ill of your child, ' she said. She, however, resorted to throwing her shoe at Nicki when security stopped her from getting any closer. "Who the (expletive) is gonna give her an intervention?" "FYI, she refers to black women as monkeys and roaches".

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The world gave you a blessing, of a lovely bundle of joy, and the only thing on your mind after you gave birth was to attack people and to stop their bags.

On Saturday, Minaj suggested her feelings on the subject when she liked a pair of tweets. You came into my fucking culture.

Nicki Minaj says being involved in an altercation with Cardi B at a fashion week party was "so mortifying and so humiliating". The statement said that Nicki never made any comments about Cardi's daughter Kulture or Cardi's parenting.

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Nicki also said Cardi QUOTE " Has built her career off sympathy and payola".

Others felt that Nicki deserved what was coming to her. I never had a DJ to play my fucking songs. This s**t ain't amusing, you put your hands on put your hands on certain people you're going to die, ' she continued to rant. The "I Like It" performer was shown on tape yelling "B***h come here" multiple times before removing her red platform sandal and thrusting it in Minaj's direction. "My money is very f***ing long". "Let's get up a 1-800 number for postpartum depression", she said.

"I addressed you once in person, I addressed you a second time in person, and every time you copped a plea!"

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Nicki's advice for Cardi?