Labour frontbencher urges party to adopt full antisemitism code

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Justin Cohen, the News Editor of Jewish News, told LBC: "If they feel they have to go out of their way to remove suggestions that Nazi polciy is in someway comparable to the policies of any Israeli government, then that couldn't possibly be more offensive to the Jewish community. and the fact they feel they need to take it out is particularly disturbing".

It said a Corbyn-led government would pose an existential threat to Jewish life in the United Kingdom, and that Labour had "seen its values and integrity eroded by Corbynite contempt for Jews and Israel" and now faced being seen as institutionally racist.

Although it includes the definition of anti-Semitism given by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, it has not incorporated all of the IHRA's "working examples".

Jewish Labour lawmaker Margaret Hodge said she was disappointed by Mr. Corbyn's absence.

"With the government in Brexit disarray, there is a clear and present danger that a man with a default blindness to the Jewish community's fears, a man who has a problem seeing that hateful rhetoric aimed at Israel can easily step into anti-Semitism, could be our next prime minister", the newspapers wrote.

Jeremy Corbyn is facing an open rebellion from members of his shadow cabinet over his refusal to accept the worldwide definition of anti-Semitism.

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The papers said: "The stain and shame of antisemitism has coursed through Her Majesty's opposition since Jeremy Corbyn became leader in 2015". The former is accepted by Labour, but not all of the latter.

'Jews fear life under Corbyn'"We're at the end of our tether and out readers are profoundly disturbed by the fact that Her Majesty's Opposition thinks it's morally in the right to reject the worldwide definition, the global standard of anti Semitism".

It was, Ashworth said, "a deeply saddening day that those newspapers feel they have had to come out and speak in such strong terms".

And Shelagh added: "I think they [Labour supporters, ] mistake [Jeremy Corbyn] and his policies and the politics of the hard left and it revolves around America and around capitalism".

Ashworth's comments place more pressure on Corbyn and his team.

"On 5 September, Labour MPs vote on an emergency motion, calling for the party to adopt the full IHRA definition into its rulebook".

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However, the Labour leader has shown no signs of seeking to revisit the NEC decision.

Labour insisted Mr Corbyn and the party are "fully committed to the support, defence and celebration of the Jewish community and its organisations".

A Labour spokesman said the party recognised the concerns raised by the Jewish community and acknowledged there was a "huge amount of work to do" to build trust and confidence.

"The next Labour government poses no threat of any kind whatsoever to Jewish people".

Labour said its code of conduct "expands on and contextualises its examples to produce robust, legally sound guidelines that a political party can apply to disciplinary cases".

There was support for the three newspapers' view within the Labour party on Wednesday evening.

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After initially stumbling over his words and describing Labour as "a party that is anti-racist and anti-Semitist", he told Today: "We are are against anti-Semitism, we are a party that attacks anti-Semitism wherever it is, either in our party or in our community".